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Office/Studio Conversion, Burnt Heath, Essex

Our client wanted to make better use of an outbuilding attached to their garages at their home in Essex. Their project was to create an annexed office space that could also be used as a yoga and pilates studio.

In Summer 2022, we were initially contracted to carry out works on just the electrics, but we were asked to help the client carry their project along to completion within just a month, helping with plastering, insulation and second fix carpentry of the flooring and skirting.

We were conscious of making sure the building was suitably insulated so that it was usable outdoors and we worked closely with client who remained hands-on through the project and had a specific vision to bring to life.

We're extremely grateful that the client has recommended us for other projects, and we're excited for the next projects this client has in the pipeline.

This is what our client had to say:

"Initially we had only required the electrical work being completed; this job was done efficiently and quickly so we it seemed a sensible option to continue the process with the same contractor. We have been very happy with the finish and now the home office is a wonderful space that is used a great deal"


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