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Larch Clad, Oak Frame Annex, Lexden, Essex

An exciting project we've been working on in Lexden since May 2022. Stay posted for more project updates as this project nears completion.

This oak-frame, two-bay car garage, closed workshop, covered log store and annex above to house a kitchenette, living space and bathroom is well-underway.

HMJ Contracts were involved in this project from the concept and design stages, listening to the client's brief and working with the architect to build in an efficient way that would align with the steep pitch of the roof. This involved carefully planning the room layout in advance and placing windows with enough height to not be blocked by kitchen worktops or an office desk.

The client also requested a heritage-style herringbone brick paved path to the house as a special touch, This was placed in a way that feels as thought the path has always been there.

Building with oak and larch requires fireproofing that meets suitable building standards. Usually, standards would be met using fireproof sheeting or a thick fire-proof paint. For this client, we sourced a specialist fireproofing paint treatment which complies with building regulations yet allows the wood to mature in colour as it usually would. We also applied this specially treated cladding on the walls that face the boundary, as an alternative to a fireproofing sheeting. This was done so that the finished project would have a high-end finish from all angles.

"A place I can escape from my wife" had become part of the client brief, so to make it was usable all year round, we ensured that even the closed section of the workshop was fitted with plumbing for radiators connected to the living space housed above to stay warm throughout the colder months.


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